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My name is Rachel and I am CEO and Founder of steler.j brand. I say brand because this is truly more than just a clothing line to me. Yes, we make kickass clothing that will not only stand up to the elements with the best fit and fabric on the market, but that is not our only passion. We aim to inspire women to go out and live a more authentic life. Take chances, be brave and never doubt yourself. That is the real Steler.j way. It is more than just looking your best, it is truly believing in yourself and inspiring others around you.  Someone once told me to be inspiring you must live an inspired life. But what is an inspired life? Is it traveling the world and rocking designer clothes? Is it hiking Mount Everest or  could it be as every day as being a teacher or nurse? What is inspiring to you? Are they the same things that inspire me? Kindness, compassion, friendship and the beautiful simplisity of nature. These are things that inspire me, and these are things that make up steler.j.

You’re invited on a journey with the  LIVE IT 💛 LOVE IT blog to see what it takes to start a clothing line. We’ll share the travels that inspire us, people who empower us and many other amazing things. Sharing is caring.. so please leave comments!!! We want to know the people, places, articles, quotes or anything that has inspired you along the way.

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