BOSS LADY

Boss Lady

Rachel Cooney knew at a young age she wanted more than her midwest roots were giving her. She packed a bag and with $600 dollars she moved to New York City. This was the first of many adventures for our CEO, you could say she is not a do nothing kinda girl. Arriving in New York she waisted no time emerging her self in the fashion world. Earning her keep as a model she learned the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry. “Modeling was fun, but I found my self more interested in the actual production of the garments.” Fast forward a few years and Rachel is a well known stylist amongst both celebs and socialites in LA. “Knowing a women’s body is the most important part of fashion in my opinion, you can design a beautiful piece but if the fit’s not perfect its not going to sell.”

In 2007 Rachel married and moved to Lake Tahoe filling her days with outdoor activities; her wardrobe now having to keep up with her very active lifestyle. “I am a huge fan of snowboarding and anything on the mountain,but I had a really hard time finding base layer that fit, kept me warm and actually looked stylish”. Feeling frustrated with her options, she connected her self with the best of the best in performance fabric manufactures. Not willing to sacrifice style, fit or fabric Rachel has produced a must have base layer line for women with a killer price point. “Not everything hibernates in the winter, so why should your style?”